iAwards 2005

SecureWrap provides the world's leading Product Activation solutions with advanced features such as Active Protection, Market Intelligence, Real-time Customer Management and Self-managed Feature Control - simply the best anti-piracy solutions available.

ctive Protection using patent pending technology in client, server and Citrix environments - regardless of the media used. Even protects audio and video content^.

arket Intelligence including customer contact details, piracy attempts, tailored question responses, platform HW and SW, geographic distribution, distributor activity and more...

eal-time Customer Management delivered through real-time user behaviour feedback and intelligent control over customer registration.

elf-managed Feature Control of software versioning, integrated activation/ deactivation of your product features, release management and extensive demonstration and time-based modes.


Hot Items

No infrastructure investment

Full end-to-end service

Flexible subscription based licensing

Seamless licence protection in a Citrix environment

Reconfigure software behaviour after distribution!


  Sales Growth is a proven outcome for SecureWrap customers. Case studies have shown sustained annual growth rates of 40% can be achieved.

Cost Reduction is also a key outcome for SecureWrap users who benefit from media-free distribution, no specialist resource requirements, user self-managed processes and reduced market research activities.

World-wide Statistics confirm the problem. The Business Software Alliance estimated that for every $2 of legitimately purchased software there is $1 of stolen software. This equates to USD$31 billion lost to piracy on a global scale.*

*Source: Second Annual BSA and IDC Global Software Piracy Study: May 2005.
^ in partnership with VBook International.